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Which Games Are Suitable for an 11 year old
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Joined: 22nd Jul 2012
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23rd Jun 2014

We were contacted by a mum of a nearly 11 year old boy asking advice with regards games suitable for him

Her message:-  

I'm after advice really, my son is turning 11 and he's asked for COD & GTA but as I'm not a gamer I'm not sure what's suitable for an 11yr old boy. He's got the xbox 360. I've heard that GTA5 is quite graphic and has some 'red light' areas and I don't think that's appropriate for a young lad?! Any help I can have would be greatly appreciated! TIA an uncool mum!

Please give your views and advice

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Joined: 22nd Jul 2012
Rank: Site Admin
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23rd Jun 2014

Hi, Well Personally I Would not not recommend GTA V as the torture scene is quite horrific and it has certain content that i believe would not be suitable even for my 16 year old, as for cod it's a war game and there is a lot of shooting and people getting killed by various means, you would have to decide as a parent whether you mind him playing Call of Duty (16) but definitely not GTA V - my lads just play the multiplayer in Call of Duty, as some of the storyline is quite close to the bone, i am quite a cool dad but always check games out before my kids play them, my 7 year old is quite a minecraft fan and we play a lot of forza (Racing), being a big kid I play Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare and Lego with my 7 Year Old, Personally I would make him wait a little longer for those kind of games, but you are quite welcome to join and post in our forum to ask other members advice.

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Joined: 22nd Jul 2012
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23rd Jun 2014

i will add you as a friend so if you ever need to ask any advice in the future, do you not play any games with him? being a guy Nicky plays a lot of games with our lads 16/16 and 7 where as I will do Band Hero/ Singing Games with the the 7 year old and 14m old

Last Edit: 23rd Jun 2014 by ukd69
Joined: 22nd Jul 2012
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23rd Jun 2014

I would say it all depends in what your lad is into. There are numerous sports themed games which I would say are all suitable for his age range. You then have some great games where you can just switch off your mind, ie all the LEGO games, Little Big Planet, etc....

Bottom line though, anything with 16 or 18 rating will definitely be too hard/mature/scarey for a child of 11 years.
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