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PS4 Vs XBox One
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26th Jul 2014

Without starting a Fan Boy thread I have had both since Day One.

I have always liked the Party Feature on XBox and It's Nice that Sony have made something similar on the PS4.

The Streaming/Capture feature is better on PS4, the Graphics are better on PS4.

Sony need to give us an option to add External Hard Drives to PS4 as in order to Upgrade Hard Drive you have to Swap the Internal Drive, whereas you can add a nice size External Hard Drive to XBox One, I went for a WD My Book 4 TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive but also have a WD My Book 2 TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive

I have at times found the Desktop on the XBox One Clumsy and Confusing (Unlike 360).

I like both Controllers, but for FPS I prefer the XBox One Controller.

I Like the Touch Pad Feature on the PS4 Controller and find it lighter.

Both Operating Systems can be laggy at times, they both Crash, but so did 360 and PS3.

Loading times are Slower on XBox One than PS4.

They Both have Exclusive Games and Content.

Both Need to Increase Party Size (Without Impacting on Performance) 

Both Needed to be Shipped with a Minimum of a 1TB Internal Hard Drive

PS4 has Plugin Headset Support Out Of The Box whereas XBox One has an Optional Headset Adapter , I was impressed that for £5 I could use my Trusty Turtle Beach XP 500 Headset on both (After Buying Headset Adapter For XB1) just by buying a Turtle Beach Chat Back Lead

I broke a XBox One Controller within 5 Days and the Rubber is coming off the PS4 Sticks, the batteries last longer on PS4 Controllers, but you can slap some AA's in the XBox ones.

But I still play games on both consoles (Maybe PS4 More)
Last Edit: 26th Jul 2014 by ukd69
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