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PS4 Vs XBox One (Gioteck)
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26th Feb 2015

The Guys over at Gioteck asked via their Twitter who had both the XBox One and the PS4, which do you prefer?

We have had both systems from launch and they both have their Pros and Cons, some quite annoying at times.

The PS4 is a lot smaller than the XBox One

The XBox One Controller is larger than the PS4 Controller and unlike the PS4 Controller still has the design that it has to have an optional battery pack to be rechargeable  or an endless supply of batteries to hand, unlike the PS4 Controller which has a rechargeable battery built in.

Both designs have their merits, the PS4 Controller requires dismantling, if there is a battery failure, whereas with the XBox One Controller you either buy a new Rechargeable Battery Pack or put some batteries in it.

When it comes to chat the PS4 Controller works with chat straight out of the box, whereas the XBox One needs an optional Chat Adapter to work with most headsets.

When it comes to controller build quality we have had issues with the PS4 Controller, the rubber on the Analogue Sticks  tend to fail with hardcore gaming, and we have also had a R2 Trigger Fail, the only failure so far we have had with the XBox One Controller that we have had so far is one of our Left Analogue Sticks failed on our Early Controllers,

Personally I find the XBox One Controller more comfortable to play with, although some of the guys find the PS4 Controller more comfortable.

I like the Touch Pad on the PS4 Controller, I think it is quite a Neat Feature, when it comes to Easy Sharing and taking Screenshots the PS4 wins hands down.

When it comes to Chat Parties the PS4 Party System seems to work better than the XBox One system, which surprised me as on the Last Generation Systems the XBox 360 won hands down.

Resolutiongate is not a factor for me, I think this is down to your own personal preference.

It is a pure shame that PS4 does not allow External Harddrives as XBox One wins this round, I have 2 nice External Western Digital Harddrives which currently gives my XBox One a Capacity of 6.5TB

When it comes to Internal Harddrive swaps, I think PlayStation 4 wins this round, as they have made it so easy as I have previously posted

Currently I have tended to be buying more titles on XBox One, due to the great XBox External Hard Drive Option, when you fill one up, just get something bigger, plus Gaming Companies are working to improve Storagegate on both Consoles with new cool gadgets, Nyko have been working on the Data Bank for PS4 and Collective Minds have been working on a great add-on for the XBox One so my buying habits may change drastically in the future, come on Hard Drive Manufacturers start producing larger 2.5" Internal Drives so we can boost our PS4's !!! 

I prefer the XMB on the PS4 to the rather annoying Windows Style  on the Xbox One, shame as Last Gen 360 had a really nice easy to use Interface.

Personally I think that both Companies need to improve their Free Monthly Games, but Microsoft have scored a bonus here with the Exclusive EA Access, which gives you a nice collection of AAA Titles for £20 a year.

The Age Old Dilemma, XBox gets Call of Duty Maps 1 Month ahead of PlayStation, that's just the case guys, but being Multiple Console Owners, that's always nice to practice the Maps for a month before PlayStation get them.

Both companies need to get more and varied titles onto their systems to keep us Gamers gaming, so looking forward to E3

Console Exclusives

Console Exclusives are always good XBox have the Forza Franchise, however in my opinion Forza 5 was not one of the best titles in the series and hope that Forza 6 will bring back all the Best Features from Previous Titles in the series.

Singstar has always been a great Playstation Exclusive title in our house, it was nice to see it hit PS4

Since Microsoft have taken over Minecraft, Xbox have been getting Exclusive DLC. 

Personal Gaming Preferences 

I play both Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty on both Consoles, but my 1st choice for these titles is PS4

I love XBox for Forza and Titanfall

Nicky Lee (ukd69)

Last Edit: 26th Feb 2015 by ukd69
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