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The slow death of Call of Duty
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Joined: 30th May 2016
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30th May 2016

In my time gaming I have watched Call of Duty slowly kill itself .

Who really wants a War Game that involves totally outrageous weapons and perks?

I want a War Game that's got some kind of reality, guns, tanks and hopefully some kind of history behind it, not jet packs, jumpy jumpy, cyber armour (If I wanted that I would buy a Space Game), the list goes on....

 I remember Call of Duty, where a bunch of Grown Ups would get together and play soldiers, not Little Kids telling me that the F**ked my mum or their Dad, Mum, Uncle John works for Sony/Microsoft/Activision etc etc.

Call of Duty has gone downhill over the years, but there will be loads of Crack Monkeys on launch day queuing up (Usually in the rain/snow/cold) waiting for the latest fix of junk.

Then when they get home spend hours fighting with the broken Download Servers/Console Stores/Day One Lag etc, and that is after they have waited for the damn game to install.

Then once the Fix has worn off, it's the Worst Call of Duty so far !!!

Save yourself the hassle don't buy it and stop moaning or buy it and enjoy it or put your money on a 3 legged nag to win !!!

I want Call of Duty Infinite Warfare to be good, but I don't think it will be better than the early Call of Duty Games.

Peace Out 

Bad Attitude Gamer 
Forum » Shooters » Cod Chat
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